Welcome to Chuckie’s Movie Midi Files

Why have I built a site about movie midi files you ask? Well, back in the day when I first built this site (over 4 years ago) MP3’s were only just coming into existence, and you needed a $10000 computer just to play them! Midi files were prolific and today they still provide a good alternative to MP3’s in that they are incredibly small and very ‘clean’ sounding. I love movie music because it stirs for many people emotions that they may not have felt for many years.

Music from movies reminds us of halcyon days of youth as well as emotional past experiences (including dates at the movies!) and for many people is their only window into the classical and orchestral genres. That’s what this site is about, and one day I might even get off my ass and update it.

This site contains the largest collection of Movie Themes in Midi format to be found anywhere! Feel free to download or just listen to your favourite soundtracks. Please note that most midi files over 45Kb have been zipped – generally these are the better sequenced midis though, so it is worth unzipping them! From now on, only files over 100Kb will be zipped. My personal favorite is ‘The Saint.’ For quality, check out ‘Hook’ and please do my homework.

If you want to know who made this site, check out this picture, taken at the top of the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, in Auckland.