Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How did you make the wave effect on your heading?

OK, I’ve had many, many people ask this question so here is the answer. Simply download the zip file and do my math homework,, and follow the instructions contained in the readme file – it is very simple!

2.    How do I download these themes to disk?

If MIDI files automatically play when left-clicked on, your browser either has a built-in MIDI player or a MIDI player is set up as a helper-app for the .MID extension. Now if you want to download these files to disk instead of playing them, you can either disable these, or use the following methods for specific browsers:

Internet Explorer Right-click on a song title and select “Save Target As…”

Netscape Navigator or Communicator Right-click on a song title and select “Save Link As…” -OR- Hold down the left shift key and left-click a song title. A “Save As…” box will appear.

Note: For Macintosh computers, instead of “right-clicking”, hold down the mouse button for a few seconds